Lia Moore

lia 2


Lia Moore is a quirky and comedic Actress, Model and Host.

Lia began modeling in fashion shows at the age of 10 – she has done over 15 fashion shows to date. She is currently on the Jr. Board/Teen Board at the Charleston Town Center Mall, and has lent her on-camera talents to several commercians for the Town Center Mall, including being the face of the mall itself in 2013.

In addition to modeling and acting, Lia’s sharp wit and expressive point-of-view have recently helped her catapult into the world of on-camera hosting.

While she is in active pursuit of a successful on-camera career, Lia is still your typical 13-year-old – she surrounds herself with her large group of friends, while staying actively involved in school. Lia’s hobbies include basketball, soccer and tennis, and she is also an excellent archer. Just like most teens, she loves social media and is a big fan of reality TV.